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Friday, November 05, 2004

It's Not Like They Have Anything Better to Do 

NJ names an official state soil.

Via James Taranto.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I'm having cataract surgery tomorrow so I'll be off the computer for a day or two.

Speaking of healing, I've got two friends who aren't talking to me. One, I'm sure we'll be fine in a week or two. The other I'm not sure. His tone toward the end started to slip towards contempt and abuse.

Grace goes to a progressive charter school. I don't know that I was the only parent supporting Bush, but I do know that I'm the only one who didn't mind others knowing I did. This isn't a "They spit on me because I wore a 'W' button" post. No one was rude to me. But feelings did run high. I know from the emails sent to Lane.

I want to thank those who challenged me, like Garth Trevethan. There were a number of good reasons to bail on the president. My friends and Garth kept those reasons tucked right up under my chin and I needed to examine my preference very carefully and then do it again. If they are unhappy with my choice at least they know they've helped me be aware of where the pressure needs to be applied to the President for the next four years.

See you next week.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The First Step is to Admit We Have a Problem 

Posted by Aris in the comments on Kevin Drum's site.

But, when all is said and done, Bush's very convincing popular vote has one unmistakable cause: Kerry lost because more Americans indisputably like, trust, and feel more comfortable and safer with Bush than with Kerry.

Why? The unavoidably obvious explanation is that Americans are by-and-large morons. Simpleminded, uninformed and undereducated, intellectually lazy and proud in their ignorance to boot, self-important and self-righteous, arrogant and benighted idiots. They are a reflection of George W. Bush, and in him they saw themselves. That's why they love him and trust him so. Their reality is the faith-based myth that America is blessed and always right and great and perfect and freedom is handed own by God and not manmade constitutional governments and cultures of tolerance and inquiry. The are certain that the "real" America is in the unpleasant, xenophobic, homophobic, red states in the middle, where everybody has a white picket fence in the brain and they don't seem aware of their own squalor and the fact that they make ends meet only because the far more prosperous blue states continue to subsidize their light beer guzzling.

More people voted for this idiot than for Kerry. This is what we have to come to grips with. The majority of the American electorate voted for Bush; voting for an idiot is idiocy, which is something usually practiced by idiots; ergo... What other conclusion can there be? Americans chose Bush. They deserve him.


Why Didn't Kerry Try This? 

Jeremiah Healy -- the naked guy on the porch -- appears to have won the Jersey City mayoral race. I didn't vote for him, but I'm not unhappy about it. He did have the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (the Felons Full-employment Society), but that support, apparently was unsolicited and I'm told by political cranks of various stripes that he's an honest guy. This, if true, would be an historic innovation in JC politics.

The law firm I work for is generally Democratic and there are long faces, but no apparent anger in the halls. Last I looked -- half an hour ago -- JFK was preparing to concede so lets all breathe a sigh of relief.

Next, we, especially those of us on the right, need to get right on W to get his tits together in Iraq and to get his hands out of our pockets.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New Jersey and Crooks: Perfect Together 

Not much excitement at the polls this morning and what there was concerned the race for mayor. We had a popular mayor die of a heart attack a few months ago and there are eleven candidates for the job, any one of four or five with a chance to win. I've lived in Jersey City for twelve years or so now and the ins and outs of local politics are still a mystery to me. I know several people (all life long residents) who do know a lot about it, but they are all cranks of one variety or other.

Three of the major candidates knocked on my door and appeared willing to stand there all day or as long as I wanted to talk. The most impressive guy was the interim mayor. Maybe I mean 'impressive' in terms of telling me what I wanted to hear. I've been warned off him by people from one end of the spectrum to the other. The guy with the most impressive resume has a problem. There are photos of him naked on his porch. I kid you not. (via Bad Hair Blog) His story involves a few beers and an insulin shot and is just dumb enough to be true. But so what? For me it came down to separating out the candidates and picking the major candidate with the furthest distance from the Hudson County democratic machine. That was Lou Manzo. I don't feel good about this, though, because I should have been better informed than I was. I hereby vow to do better in the future.
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