Drooling on the Pillow

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Do Yourself a Favor 

Sandi and Grace on Sentry Duty Posted by Hello

This picture and the one of Grace fishing below were both taken at Country Road Lodge, a Bed & Breakfast north of Lake George in Warrensberg, NY. We've been going there once or twice a year for more than twelve years now. Steve and Sandi Parisi are the proprietors and for peace and quiet, a beautiful setting and perfect hosts, it can't be beat. There's plenty to do in the area, but me for sitting in the gazebo with a beer at sunset. The link is over on the right under "For a Great Time in the Woods".

That's Better 

Got rid of those nasty little Blogger comments and got the Haloscan comments running again.

Just Barely Enough Knowledge to be Dangerous 

I noticed that this new Blogger/Google thing has it's own comments system built in. Since the picture thing was working well I deleted the Haloscan comments and tried it. It's fine, except for the little flaw that you need a Blogger account to comment by name -- otherwise you can only comment anonymously. When I disabled it and tried to put the Haloscan comments back in it didn't work. Probably because I left shards of it in the template. What a moron. I'll fool around with it again tomorrow and eventually I'll get the adult comments working again.

Friday, May 28, 2004

So Not True 

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

New York
You're competative, you like to take it straight to the fight. You gotta have it all or die trying.

Via Radley Balko

Stunned to get this result. I hate New York as much as Lane loves it, which is to say, totally. Also my choice of car was muscle car and for food I put BBQ Ribs. My mistake was a narrow choice for opera over country music concert. The truth is, I'm not competive, I avoid confrontation and I wouldn't die for anything but Lane and Grace. Actually, I'm Latrobe.

Fishing on the Hudson Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Lyndon La Gore 

Buchanan, Colter, Lott, none of them in their wildest dreams could damage the Republican party as much as that clapped out buffoon Al Gore has the Democrats.

What happened to this guy? As I've said before, when the 2000 campaign began I was sanguine about the prospects of a Gore presidency. Not my preference, but we would survive. Now? I'll be lighting a candle for the SCOTUS. What a bullet we dodged.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Grace at the Hot Corner Posted by Hello

Maybe I Should Switch to Worms 

The fishing trip will probably continue for another couple of weeks or so. Gracie's operation is June 2nd. It's not a dangerous procedure -- strabismus surgery. They do it a thousand times a day, but I seem unable to form thoughts about anything else. That kind of puts you out of the game for blogging.

Strabismus is "wandering eye". If a eye muscle is too strong or the opposite one is too weak for whatever reason, the eye, especially when tired, tends to wander away from binocularity. The brain attempts to compensate and the child will consciously try to pull the eye over, but if you wait much longer than age seven (Gracie just turned seven) there's a danger that the brain gives up and accepts the strabismus. At that point the chances for normal sight go way, way down. In Gracie's case, both eyes tend to wander out. That means the outer eye muscles are too strong. In the operation they sever the muscles and reattach them a little further back so that the tension of the inner and outer muscles are equalized. There's a chance that one procedure won't do it (I've heard figures anywhere from 10% to 40% for additional surgery, but the figures go up fast after seven years old). I have a lot of faith in the doctor, though and if it weren't for the general anesthetic, I'd be looking at this a lot more calmly. I believe everything's going to be good.

That's about all I know about the only thing I'm thinking about now so I hope I'll be peeking out at the world again within two weeks.

Thanks Garth, for the nudge.
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