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Thursday, June 03, 2004

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Eyes Right 

Gracie's fine. The doc thinks the measurements are right where they should be and told Grace that all the nurses in the recovery room told her what a trooper she was. She may have been shining G on a little, but I couldn't help notice she was more stoic than any of the other kids, if that's a good thing.

The thing is, as much of a tomboy as she is and as rambunctious and headlong as she can be, she's never really hurt herself. Seven years old and she's never broken anything or cut herself seriously. She zooms around as much or more than the next kid, but she tends not to fall down. Must be her hockey training. I remember last year she freaked at a rather minor cut and I figured it was because she'd never seen her own blood before.

It was a fine day, really. It was supposed to storm, but it didn't. Aside from a heckishly long trip through the tunnel, everything went perfectly. Oddly, everybody I met yesterday at the bodega, parking garage, security, toll booth, nurses -- everybody, was nice. I took that to be a good sign. Or that I had woken up in Dayton.

She was terrified. What she does when she's scared is she gets this little Samurai (or the Chinese equivalent) look and hunkers down. Dead serious, very focused, all business. One syllables only. I haven't yet seen this deadly resolve break down and if it didn't yesterday I hate to think what it would take.

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, by the way. Dr. Lisa Hall, by the way. Let's hear it for them.

The procedure took exactly an hour. She was awake within ten minutes and actually awake in about 45 minutes. We left NYE&EI about two and a half hours after it was over.

Listen. I'm not a believer (except for yesterday), but several of you offered prayers for Grace. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

That's all. Me for sleep.
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