Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, September 10, 2004

September Surprise 

The whole running-a-national-campaign-in-a-world-with-bloggers thing is as much a mystery to the Major Media as it is to the DNC and RNC. It is, after all, brand spanking new and the ways it effects coverage as well as how campaigns present their candidates and what body parts they now have to make sure are covered are all being formulated and recognized on the fly.

I'm guessing that the lastest ANG flap over that lying coke fiend's attempts to skeeve out of his national service was scheduled for late October. Like the DWI blossom in 2000, it's pretty much useless if it's given too much time for mature reflection. This is true whether its bogus or not. You can flog a dead horse or lead a horse to water, but you can't make a dead horse drink. Perhaps the only reason for this mistimed mud is the unexpected traction of the Swifties. If that's true you have the Bloggers both pushing and pulling significant events in the election cycle. They pushed the Swift story out on a reluctant media, thereby pulling a lame arrow out of the DNC's quiver. Let's see where they push it, now that it's out.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tanned, Rested and Wet 

Kudos to Francis. This is a hurricane with moxie. Across Florida, the Gulf, up I-95, with a stop at South of the Boarder, no doubt, all the way to the Metropolitan Area and it still has the stuff.

Not much wind, but the rain is truly impressive. I haven't seen it fall this hard this long for years. Today was supposed to be Grace's first day of second grade. Not happening. Apparently, downtown Jersey City is, to a large extent, under water. Today was also supposed to be her first soccer practice. Also not happening. I'm a little conflicted about her playing soccer. I think she'll be very good at it, but it means she won't be playing hockey this year and she was getting very good at that. Also, I just thought it was it was cool for an seven year old girl to play hockey. Also, well, it's soccer.

Grace has taken to walking in the room and shouting "Go John Kerry!" She just does it to get my goat, of course, and I'm careful not to rise to the bait. I see the sinister hand of her mother behind this and if the kid goes negative I'm going Atwater on Lane.

We had a great time in the Poconos, by the way. Terrific weather all week. Grace is mad for fishing. She caught 13 sunnies and 2 not inconsiderable bass and was baiting her own hook by the end of the week. There was a county fair going on a couple miles away. The first night they had a demolition derby which engendered a fist fight between two drivers right in front of us. Grace seemed to enjoy it, but she left the fight out of the picture she drew. The second night they had a rodeo. Grace liked it, but preferred the DD. Lane was okay with the rodeo and thought the DD was the stupidest thing she ever saw. I was in heaven both nights.

It was a great vacation, but now I want my own cabin.
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