Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, September 10, 2004

September Surprise 

The whole running-a-national-campaign-in-a-world-with-bloggers thing is as much a mystery to the Major Media as it is to the DNC and RNC. It is, after all, brand spanking new and the ways it effects coverage as well as how campaigns present their candidates and what body parts they now have to make sure are covered are all being formulated and recognized on the fly.

I'm guessing that the lastest ANG flap over that lying coke fiend's attempts to skeeve out of his national service was scheduled for late October. Like the DWI blossom in 2000, it's pretty much useless if it's given too much time for mature reflection. This is true whether its bogus or not. You can flog a dead horse or lead a horse to water, but you can't make a dead horse drink. Perhaps the only reason for this mistimed mud is the unexpected traction of the Swifties. If that's true you have the Bloggers both pushing and pulling significant events in the election cycle. They pushed the Swift story out on a reluctant media, thereby pulling a lame arrow out of the DNC's quiver. Let's see where they push it, now that it's out.
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