Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Sweet Surcease 

I always wait too long to take a vacation. Partly because of a persistent fantasy that I'm necessary to prevent a breakdown of all systems, but mostly because I hate it so much I wind up punishing myself by waiting an extra month or two. By the time I get away I've been reduced to a cinder and by the time I get myself in shape to enjoy my vacation it's time to go back. I'm such an idiot.

Friday I take off to visit my brother outside of Gettysburg and to visit the grave of my Aunt Ev who died last week. When I was a boy she and Joe and their kids Scott and Deb were my favorite relatives. They were so funny and lively they achieved a kind of glamour for me. I haven't seen much of any of them in decades; the last time was Ev and Joe's fiftieth anniversary and that was probably ten years ago.

I'll be back on Monday, though and spending the week at home rebuilding the fence in the backyard. I hope to blog more next week than I have recently.
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