Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, January 09, 2009

I Just Had To Add . . . 

The Big Day, or rather the first Big Day when you adopt is when you get the referral. They send you a picture of the kid they've picked for you and you either say yes, I'm on my way or no, the rule in our family is one nose, one child.

When the agency called me at work and asked for our fax number as they had a picture of our kid to send me I calmly gave them the number, hung up and burst into tears. I mean snot bubble sobs and heaves. I don't know what the lawyers thought had happened, but there's nothing bad that could make me cry like that. What can I tell you; it was a long process.

Gracie's was a postage stamp sized representation of a kid with ears nearly the length of her head and a look of intelligent panic sliding off her face like sweat. That is to say it is intelligent for an orphaned girl-child to display high-intensity concern in the People's Republic of Gotchermoney. The Goddess had a few bad moments about the ears but I assured her it was an artifact of third world imaging. Which turned out to be the case: the ears were perfect as was the rest of her.

I should have seen this coming when the hand-holding thing was politely, but firmly put aside recently. I did not see it coming.

She goes to her first dance this evening.

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