Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, April 02, 2004

Ghost Town 

This, via Patrick Belton of Oxblog, is one of the most fascinating things I've seen in a long time, though I get the feeling (from the hit counter) that I'm late getting to this. Elena, a Russian woman whose father is a nuclear physicist, rides a motorcycle through Chernobyl right into the dead zone taking pictures with her digital camera. It is creepy and sickening, but her cheerful and intelligent comments make it positively otherworldly.

Lady Dilhorne, 93; Trained War Pigeons 

Obit in the Times today. If that doesn't put you in a Wodehouse mood, nothing will.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

3/11 Victims 

Here and here are more short biographies, via Iberian Notes, of those who died.

Nitwits to the Left of Me, Nitwits to the Right of Me 

I'm actually looking forward to the launching of Air America, Al Franken's attempt to give voice to the disenfranchised liberal voice here in Mordor. Not that I expect I'll listen to it any more than I listen to Rush Limbaugh, but the fuss is guaranteed to be diverting. An article about it in the NYT today quotes Janeane Garofalo thusly:

"It's not like we're here to say we're going to be as nasty as right-wingers," Ms. Garofalo said in an interview. "On the left, traditionally, you've got a nicer type of person. You've got a person who is more willing to engage in conversations that have context and nuance, who tend to have more educable minds."


There's something charming about people who proclaim from the pages of the New York Times that right wingers control the public fora and who pause for a moment from a "Chimp/Drunk/Hitler" characterization of the President to remark on the nastiness of their opposition. These people need to get out more. Once they hit the world of ratings they'll have every opportunity to show how educable they are. I wish them all the best. Right wing talk radio has gotten very very old. I hope that Air America will come up with some new wheezes for the foam-flecked microphone.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Antidote 

I read in the News today what appeared to be an explanation for the Yankees loss to Tampa Bay last night in Japan. Jet lag. Well, of course the Devil Rays made the same trip, but they, you see, are younger. To say the least, a stretch. Also, Josh Chafetz of Oxblog talks of the power of jet lag. I have very little experience with this. Most of my flight hours have been spent going up and down the east coast or, years ago, going back and forth to school in St. Louis.

The one extended flight of my life was to go to China to meet Gracie. Three hours to Vancouver, B.C., a one hour layover, and then eleven hours to Hong Kong. On the way back it was fourteen hours to L.A., one hour layover and three hours to JFK. I had no ill effects, no sensation of any kind of deficit. So my suggestion for avoiding jet lag is be wired out of your gourd. Have something waiting for you at the end of the trip that is more consuming, more interesting, more exciting than anything you've experienced in your life.

Next question.
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