Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Antidote 

I read in the News today what appeared to be an explanation for the Yankees loss to Tampa Bay last night in Japan. Jet lag. Well, of course the Devil Rays made the same trip, but they, you see, are younger. To say the least, a stretch. Also, Josh Chafetz of Oxblog talks of the power of jet lag. I have very little experience with this. Most of my flight hours have been spent going up and down the east coast or, years ago, going back and forth to school in St. Louis.

The one extended flight of my life was to go to China to meet Gracie. Three hours to Vancouver, B.C., a one hour layover, and then eleven hours to Hong Kong. On the way back it was fourteen hours to L.A., one hour layover and three hours to JFK. I had no ill effects, no sensation of any kind of deficit. So my suggestion for avoiding jet lag is be wired out of your gourd. Have something waiting for you at the end of the trip that is more consuming, more interesting, more exciting than anything you've experienced in your life.

Next question.
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