Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I'm having cataract surgery tomorrow so I'll be off the computer for a day or two.

Speaking of healing, I've got two friends who aren't talking to me. One, I'm sure we'll be fine in a week or two. The other I'm not sure. His tone toward the end started to slip towards contempt and abuse.

Grace goes to a progressive charter school. I don't know that I was the only parent supporting Bush, but I do know that I'm the only one who didn't mind others knowing I did. This isn't a "They spit on me because I wore a 'W' button" post. No one was rude to me. But feelings did run high. I know from the emails sent to Lane.

I want to thank those who challenged me, like Garth Trevethan. There were a number of good reasons to bail on the president. My friends and Garth kept those reasons tucked right up under my chin and I needed to examine my preference very carefully and then do it again. If they are unhappy with my choice at least they know they've helped me be aware of where the pressure needs to be applied to the President for the next four years.

See you next week.
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