Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Litigation As Sales Technique 

I was vaguely aware of the NIT's lawsuit against the NCAA, but the letters N I T in combination create a sort of force field that prevents conscious thought. If you put a 'Women's' in front of it, it prevents consciousness. According to USA Today:
A four-year effort to portray the NCAA as an
organization guilty of federal antitrust violations
ended abruptly Wednesday with the sale of the
preseason and postseason National Invitation
Tournaments — to the NCAA.
So basically, they wanted to be put out of their misery and the lawsuit was just a way to up the price, madame.

Of course, I'm currently of the mind that anything bad that happens to the NCAA is a good thing (Go Seminoles!), but I have a feeling they're probably very pleased with yesterday's outcome.

To further plumb the depths of my ignorance, I had no idea that the NIT was owned by five New York schools; New York University, Manhattan, St. John's, Fordham and Wagner.

No wonder they settled. You don't want Wagner on your case.
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