Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, August 05, 2005

Nitwits, Chowderheads, Arrogant A**H*L*S 

Okay, I'm submitting the NCAA to Shamrocketship for an Effin' Eejit Award. These geniuses announced today that any team with a Indian name cannot compete for a championship.
An NCAA policy adopted Friday bars schools from using
Native American nicknames, logos or mascots at any of
its national championships, beginning in February.
That could prompt name changes — or lawsuits —
nationwide, from the Utah Utes to the Illinois Fighting
Illini, the Central Michigan Chippewas to the
Southeastern Oklahoma State Savages.
The Florida State Seminoles have already announced their intention to file a suit. I've always hated the Seminoles, but starting today I'm a fan.

Real Indians have no problem with the names. They understand that you don't name your team after a figure of fun or an object of ridicule. All team names are an attempt to identify the team with icons of courage and honor. The fact that there are so many teams named after tribes and Indian heroes is a tribute, not a slur.

Let's leave aside for a moment that what a school names it's team is no freaking business of the NCAA. If a school wants to name its team the Wehrmacht or the MichaelMoores they will get what they deserve, but the notion that it's up to these bozos to instruct colleges and universities on the heritage of their areas and the ideals they want to personify is positively ludicrous.

With all the embarassments suffered by big time college atheletics over the past decade -- drugs, gangsterism, corruption and cheating -- this is what the jackasses see as the important issue heading into the season.

I believe and fervently hope that they have wandered into the land of hurt.

Go Seminoles!
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