Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Couple Odd Things 

I made a wisecrack about a month ago about the internet in the Adirondacks being exclusively the domain of lumberjack porn. I didn't know (honest) that lumberjack porn is actually a sub-genre of gay porn and a real traffic booster.

I think I mentioned that our office is getting out of this building (Gitmo North) and moving a couple blocks to much nicer digs in a couple months. I've seen the renderings and they are spectacular. I will be master of a wider domain. One reason we'll be glad to get out of here is the security which is tight and the fact that it's needed as this building has a target painted on it. Coming back from the post office this morning I saw the guards trying to pursuade a very old lady with a very big handbag to put the bag in the x-ray machine.

"I got a pacemaker. I can't get in that thing."

He patiently explained that he just wanted her bag on the conveyor belt. She turned to an even more confused old man.

"Harold! Tell him I'll die!"
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