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Friday, April 28, 2006

Guitar Slingers 

Friday Nite Jukebox

Not long ago I put up a FNJ that featured the Bakersfield sound with cuts culled from an album called Swing West!: Bakersfield. The companion album, also difficult to find, is Swing West!: Guitar Slingers. It's not, strictly speaking, Western Swing, but a mostly instrumental collection of nimble fingered boys in hats playing whatever struck their fancy. These were mostly recorded in the '50s "when the south came west and went electric."

The most countryest cut is Tut Taylor and Clarence White's rendition of Fool Such as I.

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Then you get Ferlin Husky doing a Caravan that sounds like you might be transporting to the Rainbow Room.

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The only vocal belongs to Merle Travis in Merle's Boogie Woogie. "I got a little gal with great big legs, walks like she's walking on soft boiled eggs." Maybe the words are just there so Merle can rest his fingers.

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Even PBS snobs tipped their virtual Stetsons when Buck Owens passed away recently. Here's another reminder that the boys on Hee-Haw knew what they were doing. When Roy Clark really gets going on the second verse of Alabama Jubilee you 've heard a guitar being slung. If I could pick like this I'd be grinnin', too.

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