Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, March 03, 2006

Corner of 42nd and Fifth 

This is from James Lileks collection of black and white newspaper photos which he's put together into a little show on his website named Acme.

Acme was the photo agency which originally provided the pictures to Lileks' employer, the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Since the '40's, however, Acme has been acquired and spun off more times than my first wife and, as Mr. Lileks is not altogether sure who has the rights to them, I feel comfortable ripping one off.

This one is dated January 16, 1945.

On the away front, Hitler was moving into his underground bunker on that day, never to emerge.

The US 1st and 3rd army met up at Houffalise.

The Soviets liberated half of Budapest.

On January 16th began the deportations from Lodz to Chelmno. By the end of May, 55,000 people have been gassed, among them 10,000 from Germany .

U-482 was depth charged in the North Channel by sloops HMS Amethyst, HMS Hart, HMS Peacock and HMS Starling and frigate Loch Craggie.

It was a Tuesday.
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