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Monday, March 06, 2006

Best Oscar Live Blogging Cracks 

6:27 pm: The presentation of Crash's Best Original
Song nominee, complete with burning cars and
multiculti couples dancing among the flames (of
racism, we assume), is roughly 300% more subtle
than the movie itself.

Is the director trying to say something by cutting
to Mickey Rooney when the Academy president
talks about how nothing beats the in-the-theater experience? They cut to him just as I was mumbling "Yeah, yeah, grandpa."
Captain Spaulding

That was kind of creepy. The Mickster looked like a Jabba The Hut action figure.
Remember the G.I. Joe with "realistic" hair? I don't know
why John Travolta made me think of that.
Jim Treacher

8:11. Lauren Bacall walks out stiffly. She's wearing a black
pantsuit, and she seems short of breath. She's blabbing
about film noir. Montage. "I feel all dead inside. I'm
backed up in a dark corner."
If you saw it, it was a dodgy moment. Ms. Bacall lost her way several times and you were dreading someone having to come on stage to drag her off.
All the guys who didn't win the Best Visual Effects award
are probably relieved they didn't have to share a stage
with Ben "Putting the 'Tard' in 'Unitard'" Stiller.
Jim Treacher

[line through] Jim Henson's Creature Shop really does amazing work. [/line through] Hey, Dolly looks great!
Jim Treacher

Now that the Manolo thinks about it, the last movie
that had the equally baloney-phoney regional
American accent was also the Mountain movie...
Cold Mountain, which featured two of the worst
accents the Manolo has ever heard: the Jude Law and
the Nicole Kidman attempting to sound like they were
from the North Carolina, but sounding like the
Khazak touring company of the "Tabacco Road."
The Manolo at PajamasMedia

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