Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Zippo Tricks 

My cousin Scott was a super kid. He was a champion yo-yoist (yo-yoer?). He pulled me out of a creek when I was wee small and saved my life. He had a tryout with the Orioles. He could make me helpless with laughter whenever he chose.

I did my best to imitate him, but nowhere were my efforts more futile than in the yo-yo arena. I was pretty good with the little paddle connected to the little rubber ball with a rubber string. I was very good at twirling coins over my knuckles. I was world-class flipping cards into a hat. But with a yo-yo I was pathetic. Grace is already better than I ever was.

The only event I can think of where I bested my cousin was in zippo tricks. Maybe his fingers were too thick or something. Unfortunately, zippo tricks come rather late in the day when you are no longer mastering these skills out of pure fascination, but rather to be cool. By that time I could have lit a zippo with my tonsils, but everybody knew Scott was cooler.

I was never as good as these guys, though. Neither were you. They are the zippo trick gods.

Courtesy of Lileks.
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