Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wouldn't You Like A Nice Tuborg Right Now? 

Cox & Forkum also has a good round-up on the Cartoon Intifada. Also, go to End The Boycott for a list of Danish products.

James Lileks observes that there are three belief systems the media won't ridicule; Islam, Scientology and Astrology. I assume it's because they're afraid the religion of peace will blow their asses up, the religion of Hollywood nutters will drop a lawyer storm on them and the religion of cat-lovers pays a lot of their bills.

The New York Times provides cover for any of the bien pensent who want to pretend this whole thing isn't happening. In Michael Kimmelman's opening paragraph:
They're callous and feeble cartoons, cooked up as a
provocation by a conservative newspaper exploiting
the general Muslim prohibition on images of the
Prophet Muhammad to score cheap points about
freedom of expression.

This is in the Critic's Notebook feature of The Arts page, but it does clarify things to know this was perpetrated by a conservative newspaper. I thought I detected the fine Italian hand of Karl Rove in all this.

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