Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, February 06, 2006

That's All, Folks! 

A lot of good posts on the Jihadapalooza dust-up between Denmark and the Islamist nutters, from Mark Styne to Christopher Hitchens. Mick Hartley says this:
So, the fuss about the Religious Hatred Bill was all
for nothing. It's not needed. As this cartoon affair
clearly demonstrates, no one, and certainly not
the UK press, is going to do anything to offend
Muslims from now on. Muslims have set the terms
of the debate: they decide what it is that offends
them, and from then on it's a line we can't cross -
ostensibly because of our civilised concern for their
delicate sensibilities, but in reality because we're

The whole thing has been a controversy
manufactured by the Islamists, starting with the
Danish imams who tirelessly toured the Middle East
to whip up the hysteria - adding on the way some
particularly offensive cartoons of their own - and
continued by Arab regimes only too happy to
deflect popular aggression onto Western targets:
something they're well practiced at. It's simply not
that Mohammed is never portrayed in Islamic
culture, and there's certainly a rich tradition of his
portrayal in the West, but, as usual, it's the hard-
liners who've set the terms of this debate, claiming
to speak for all Muslims - not without opposition in
the Muslim world - and being taken at their word
by the British establishment.
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