Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apparently Not A Simpsons Episode 

I've mentioned before that I was an actor for twenty-five years or so and I've been something else for about fifteen. I do miss it, but mostly just because it's the only thing I ever did that I was any good at. I make a lot more money now, but I hated what I'm doing from the very first day I walked through the door. I take a lot of satisfaction from the fact that I really don't hate it much more after fifteen years than I did at the beginning. That's something.

I have to admit it's difficult for me to enjoy the theatre anymore. Either it blows and I know very well I could do it better, or, far worse, it's better than I could ever do and I know it. Puts the ooze in loser.

The wife, though, is still beating her head against the wall, but at least she works. Every once in awhile she gets a breakdown that puts a little hop in my step. Got one today for a production of Hamlet in Los Angeles. Of course, just the idea of an Angelino Hamlet is kind of wonderfully grotesque, but just look how they're casting it:

woman, multiple personality, struggles with death of father

25 - 30 male, acts out the need for avenging death of Hamlet's father

age open, woman, vocalizes this side of Hamlet's personality

Sympathetic older woman, maternal, vocalizes this side of Hamlet's personality

13 - 16 male, vocalizes this side of Hamlet's personality

Claudius is a doctor in a mental ward and a (hello) sexual predator. Gertrude is a nympho inmate. Horatio a kind of Patch Adams good doctor. And there's a chorus of a dozen women.

Oh, mama. Definitely opt for the habanero enema rather than go anywhere near this one.

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