Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Andy Katsulas, R.I.P. 

Andreas Katsulas died last week of lung cancer at his home in Los Angeles.

I knew him as Andy for a couple of years long ago when he was a member of the Loretta-Hilton Repertory at Webster College where I was a student actor. Most of the world knows him as G'Kar on Babylon Five, from his appearances on Star Trek and as the elusive one armed man in the movie version of The Fugitive.

I did three or four shows with him in St. Louis. He was born to play the heavy and his personal manner was dark and gruff. He was a nice guy, though, and very kind to me when I was starting out. I was surprised to find that he was only two years older than me. He seemed like such an adult, compared to yours truly.

IMDB trivia notes that he didn't own a computer. That sounds right.
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