Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, November 18, 2005

Where I've Been 

There's been a massive meeting going on all week in our office. I was told the deal had fallen apart and things would be quiet today, giving us some time to put the place back together. In fact, before I left last night I arranged for a number of cars to take the participants to JFK

Alas, I arrived this morning to find them back and dealing away. I don't do much blogging when things are especially hot at work, which accounts for Sluggo's lameness all week. I've got one of those jobs where I have a good deal of time some times and less than no time the rest of the time. This week when I got home it was an adult beverage and play with the kid.

I found one of the clients sitting at my desk when I arrived this morning. I was about to give him the heave when he started talking to me about my collection of books. He also likes history and especially military history. That was because, he told me, he was in the Falklands War.

That was a first for me so I got another chair and sat down and we had a nice talk. I have Brit friends who you don't want to get started on the subject, but I didn't expect that the first participant I met would be from Argentina.

I know about as much about the Falklands War as he did about the American Civil War, but both were of interest to each of us so we filled each other in on what we found most fascinating about those conflicts and had a very enjoyable half hour.

Just to show you what a vital cog I am around here, though, these guys have been here for four days and I thought they were Mexicans.
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