Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I like to be amazed as much as the next guy. The physical feats of an act like the Golden Dragon Acrobats are exhilarating as the more impossible they seem, the more they nudge you into a fictive, yet corporal world.

The presentational style as well as the physical scope of the tricks urge the mind to create a semi-fantasy world where such things are possible. Only when the tricks involve apparent, imminent and palpable danger does this delightful mindscape turn inside out like a pleasant dream becoming a nightmare.

But one-on-one illusionists push and manipulate the mental response to the impossible by bringing it down off the stage and right into your lap. When the metaphysical unfolds at arms length we all become Doubting Thomases and when we stick our fingers in the holes we become disciples.

Mr. Snitch! has video of a Japanese illusionist who walks into a bar and violates some pretty fundamental physical laws. The looks of delight and fear on the faces of the onlookers make my point much better.
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