Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Iowahawk has been keeping an eye on l'intifada for us and is a compendium of news from the front, including a shocking rampage by Jerry Lewis.

In a daring daylight annoyance spree, the 75-year old
film veteran was seen clumsily victimizing fruit pyramids,
mimes, and bourgeois doyennes along the fabled Parisian
boulevard. In one shocking encounter caught on security
cameras, Lewis stumbled and spilled a large bag of white
substance -- later identified as flour -- on a startled
matron and her poodle. Compounding the damage, Lewis
attempted to brush the flour from the shocked woman’s
hair with a shopkeeper’s broom, while loudly declaring
“woy goyvin, with the flour in the doggie, HEYYY

Other headlines include "French Rioters Unionize, Go On Strike" and some good news:
Immigrant Parisian youths, enraged by lack of job
opportunities and a growing shortage of flammable
cars, tonight turned their wrath on another hated
symbol of French cultural oppression - the accordion.
There are precious few people who can make up stuff almost as strange as life.
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