Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Vote For The Future 

Congratulations to the people of Iraq for taking another step on the long, difficult road towards a modern democracy. Michael Rubin remarks in the WSJ:
The referendum result again
demonstrates that American policy-
and opinion-makers are more
pessimistic than are Iraqis. Part
of the problem is that Pentagon
officials and journalists alike chart
Iraq's success through misguided
metrics. Counting car bombs does
not demonstrate progress or lack
thereof in Iraq. Objective indicators
show that Iraqis have confidence that did not exist prior to

According to an Aug. 16, 2002, commentary in the
Guardian--a British newspaper that often opposes
U.S. foreign policy--one in six Iraqis had fled their
country under Saddam. Millions left because of war,
dictatorship and sanctions. Today, several hundred
thousand have returned; only the Christians still leave.
if Iraq were as chaotic as the media implies, it would
export refugees, not resettle them.
The nature of the media, the agenda of Bush-haters and a pervasive lack of confidence in ourselves has skewed our perception of events in the Middle East. The people of Iraq may end up having to save us from ourselves by being made of sterner stuff.
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