Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, October 17, 2005

Has a Headset, Not Afraid To Use It 

The Goddess and I were walking along the street in Tribeca a couple years ago when our conversation was interrupted by the realization that we were standing in a forrest of nine foot tall people. We looked a little closer and realized that these people were all impossibly beautiful. Boys prettier than girls. What made it even odder was that all these people were arranged around the sidewalk as if they were conversing with each other, but everyone was staring off into space over the other people's shoulders. Creepy.

It turned out that we were outside the offices of one of the big modeling agencies and they were all out there waiting for a bus (sorry, Jitney) to take them out to the Hamptons for their agency picnic. Swear to God. Teddy Bears have picnics, why not models?

I had to leave work today to get Grace out of school for a trip to the dentist and, as we were walking along the street in Tribeca, we had a similar experience.

I didn't even notice it, but Gracie tugged on my sleeve and pointed out that everyone around us on the sidewalk (50-75 people) were standing still. Dressed for work, with briefcases, messenger bags, tool cases, but all standing perfectly still. Obviously some sort of shoot was being set up and everybody had been set to mark and was waiting for 'action'. Usually, when you wander anywhere near a shoot, you get assaulted by officious PAs and ordered to disappear.

Which is what happened. This little twerp with a headset came flying at us with a look of astonishment and outrage on his little twerp face. He seemed too upset to talk and just made shooing motions. You give a first year film student a PA badge and a headset and you've created a monster.

Sometimes I worry that Grace is too respectful of authority (not really, but I do wonder if I should worry) but I was glad to see that she gave the twerp a dirty look and shooed him back. It earned her a couple thumbs up from the actors.
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