Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hail The Sox, The Good Sox 

I'm a National League guy (except when the Yankees are involved, except in the purely theoretical case of the Yankees playing the Pirates again) so I was notionally rooting for the Astros.

But I'm very okay with the White Sox winning and I'm glad to see the mantle of 'biggest losers' fall upon the shoulders of my youngest brother's team, the Cubs. If there's any additional pain inflicted on him by the fact that the winners are cross-town rivals, well, so much the sweeter.

It was a terrific, well played series with two teams playing top flight baseball with nary an overpaid superstar among them. It's too bad the umps missed most of it, but I don't think it can be said that they seriously influenced the outcome.

It's also too bad more people didn't watch it, but unless it's wrested away from Fox, I'm afraid it's headed for Air America numbers.

The TV talent is good, actually. Joe Buck is a competent play-by-play guy with a good voice. He's been drifting a little far into Ironyland lately, though, and needs to check that impulse. Tim McCarver always has interesting and insightful color comments to make, but he beats them to death. They're playing too deep. They're playing too deep. And his voice goes all chipmunk.

But the production end is just god-awful. The next time they cut a replay to have *#@# Scooter come out and tell us what a fastball is, I swear I'm going all Hunter Thompson on my TV. The dirt-cams, the in-game interviews, the (exclusively Fox) celebrity shots; it's all junk. You'd think that after years of trying to Wink Martindale the series to expand their audience and seeing the numbers go down and down, it might occur to them to try to appeal to their core audience. You know, baseball fans.
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