Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bernie Williams 

Although there's been no official word, everybody's assuming Bernie Williams has played his last game for the Yankees, if not his last game period.

Tim Marchman in the New York Sun (most of it's behind a subscriber wall) makes the case that while not he's not on a par with the greatest center fielders in the history of the game, Williams can be placed among or very near the top ten. There's a lot of sentiment involved with Bernie, just because of the kind of guy he is, but Marchman is a numbers geek and makes a statistical case.

If he is gone, I owe it to him as a Yankee fan to say thanks. He's been a great player. And in fifteen years of working for Steinbrenner and performing in the hottest media spotlight in the world, he's never embarassed himself or his team. Not once. If that seems like an odd thing to congratulate someone for, that speaks more of the game than the guy. He's a man anyone would be proud to have as a son, a father, a brother or a friend.
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