Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Times: Pass The Fish Sauce 

The New York Sun reported on the front page today:

With the ink still drying on an agreement to dismantle
its nuclear program, North Korean officials yesterday
indicated that they were already backing away from its
terms, threatening to leave intact its "nuclear deterrent"
until and unless America delivers a light-water nuclear
power reactor.
Which makes yesterdays editorial in the New York Times look particularly foolish. In it the skeleton staff at the Times attempted to praise the 'agreement' while simultaneously taking shots at the Administration for abandoning international diplomacy.

I tried to link to the Time's editorial, but it's gone. The other editorials from yesterday are there, but the North Korea piece is just gone. Well, you know how things go when you start cutting staff. Stuff just walks away.

The Sun article also reveals that "Iranian negotiators threatened to take a page from the North Korean playbook and withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty if America, Britain, France and Germany referred its prior violations of the treaty to the U.N. Security Council." It's hard to imagine why anyone cares if neither Iran nor North Korea intend to abide by any of their agreements anyway.

The Norks appear to be perfecting a variation on a Palestinian classic: selling us the same bowl of kimchee over and over.
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