Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday Nite Jukebox 

Here are two other tunes which I tried last year to Audioblog, but lacked the bandwidth, resulting in computers locked up tighter than a cheese junkie's back yard.

The first represents the history of my relationship with cars until I found my honey, my darlin', my Miss Tubishi. I give you The Bottle Rockets with 1000 Dollar Car.

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The next is my favorite male duet in all of opera. I became familiar with it when I had a girlfriend about 20 years ago who was trying to bring up my tone and used to haul me to little free concerts that were broadcast live over WNYC from a recording studio. Jerry Hadley and some big dude warbled this little ditty and it knocked my socks off. It's Au Fond du Temple Saint from Bizet's The Pearl Fishers. Imagine being twenty feet away when a couple sets of monster pipes let loose on this one.

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NOTE: One problem I haven't figured out yet with Castpost is that once you open one of the Flashplayers and play a tune, every time you refresh or follow a link and return, it begins playing again. I bet there's a way to fix it, but until I do, when you've heard enough, just turn the speaker off. Either that or listen to the Bottle Rockets give Bizet a back-beat.
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