Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maybe I Dropped Out Too Early 

I was looking at the latest Rasmussen Poll numbers for the governor's race over at DynamoBuzz and, while they're not pretty for us starry-eyed Republican types (Corzine 47% and Forrester 36%) the most remarkable number I saw was Corzine's favorability rating of 41%, one point under what New Jersey responders gave to President Bush. As far as I know, Corzine has not been accused of murdering thousands of African-Americans or lining the pockets of anyone but his ex-girlfriend and various county bosses. If New Jersey Republicans can't mount a candidate capable of beating someone viewed less favorably in-state than George W. Bush, then we have many more years in the wilderness to look forward to.

Roberto is going with the hockey tonight, while Sharon is doing the responsible thing and tuning in to the debates. Me? I've been fascinated with the stories on the My Name Is Earl premier and that's probably where I'll be.
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