Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's Get To The Real Issue 

The campaign ads for the New York Mayor's race have started polluting the airways and the Goddess made the observation that, as a group, they are a pretty mottley crew.

Gifford Miller isn't a bad looking guy, but he does put you in mind of an elementary principal or a chiropractor. Besides, he's not going to win. The rest, though, are a bunch of stubbies, ugh-nuts and lames. Ferrar, Fields, Bloomberg and Weiner. The Goddess said it, not me: Weiner makes Koch look like Tom Selleck.

That remark brings up the sad history of New York mayors and their almost universal lack of physical charms. Giuliani, Koch, Dinkins, Beame, Wagner (who always looked to me like Bud Abbott's ugly brother), even LaGuardia; none of them what you would call head-turners. Lindsay, the only true stud-muffin in the group, was arguably the worst mayor since Robert Van Wyck. How is it that a city that likes to think of itself as the paradigm of glamour came to be governed by this collection of mutts?
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