Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let's Get Ready To Rumble 

Rock stars and hot young actors are famous for their transgressive behavior. Trashing hotel rooms, public sex, foul mouthed rants and pharmaceutical near-misses are the cliches and, in fact are expected elements of their glamour. Mere surliness or occasional rudeness will get recognized for what it is, but bad behavior on an operatic scale does nothing but enhance their reputations.

George Galloway, surely one of the most repugnant and odious creatures ever to defend the indefensible, goes far, far beyond standard American formations of The Madness of the Left such as Cindy Sheehan and even pro-active leftists like Michael Moore. No stumbling around mumbling Chimpy McHitler for him. George rolls up his sleeves and actually goes to work for some of the most violent, brutal and totalitarian thugs in the world. In fact, for all I can see, he goes to bat for pretty much all of them. He is hip deep in the Oil For Food scandal and is, to my mind, the most unembarassable man in the world.

His style is more bullying than clever, but he is a nimble guy and trained in the British parliamentarian mosh pit. Thus, he ran circles around stumble-tongued U.S. Senators last May.

Now, however, I learn from Fausta at The Bad Hair Blog that he is to debate the inestimable Christopher Hitchens tomorrow in New York at the Baruch Performing Arts Center at 7:00 pm. A more entertaining matchup is hard to imagine. The debate will be carried on radio and over the web.

UPDATE: TigerHawk will be in attendance and will cut the skinny for us soon after.
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