Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Big Wind 

Well, you hop off to the woods for ten days or so and things continue to happen. Who would have thought?

I wasn't completely cut off. News was available, although I didn't watch it, hardly. I did come across a paper every few days, although the papers up there were more concerned with stolen wood chippers than hurricanes or dead chief justices. I did know there was a hurricane and I did know that it was bad.

It wasn't until I returned, however, that I found out it was all Bush's fault. Turned on Fox last night when I got home. Turns out the mayor and governor down there are idiots. Switched over to CNN and it was all Bush's fault, all the time. Well, why not? Any guy that can fix two straight national elections should be able to figure out a way not to waste a perfectly good hurricane.

I like Billy Budd's take over at American Dinosaur:
I have grown weary of the Katrina finger pointing circle
jerk. It appears that the Gov. suffered a form of paralysis,
the Mayor was overwhelmed and underprepared. The
feds reacted with caution and probably were a little slow to

That being said I think we need to realize that if you live
on the coast and below sea level you are going to get
spanked sooner or later. If you live in Kansas the chances
your house will be damaged or destroyed by a tornado
are fairly good in a forty year period. If I live in California
then I can take my pick of earthquakes, brushfires,
mudslides, or O.J.. Even in the West we have our share
of things that will kill you if your domicile is poorly located.

The point is WHY IS ANYONE SHOCKED that New
Orleans is a turd filled toilet now? They have been
warning, predicting, and expecting doomsday for fifty
years. They had an emergency plan and did not
implement it.
Mr. Budd also has a three-point plan for local authorities dealing with looters. The first two points are Ready and Aim.

I'm not making fun of the poor souls who were caught under God's thumb and are in desperate straights today. But I do remember seeing footage from New Orleans the day before it hit and you didn't see many people boarding up their windows or stocking up on water and candles. They were still partying along Bourbon Street.

The government from the bottom to the top needs to take a hit on this, but at the same time, for so many people, public events from cataclysmic tragedies to Thanksgiving dinners in Iraq have no other context than as an opportunity to embarass and abuse the President. The abuse is so constant, extreme and unrelenting that his defenders tend to defend him even when his actions are undefendable.

I wish everyone would calm down and watch more baseball. Me, I feel bad for the people down there. I'm going to throw them what I can afford and leave it at that. When God's thumb comes down on me I'll expect no more from them.
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