Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, September 23, 2005

Bastard People! 

Mick Hartley quotes a horrified reaction to the film Team America, World Police from a [North] Korean Friendship Association forum.
Comrades! I am terrored! A film has just arrived on
the markets of Cameroon, this film the American Police
Team or some name that is similar. My nephew,
purchased this and asked me to watch because he said
is had something to do with DPRK. The shock I see!
The general, beloved general, Kim Jong Il is a puppet
character in this film and speaking the most offending
things! He swears in English, kills his interpreter, and
turns into a small insect at the end. They make the
Dear Leader to be evil man, and lonely man. They find
risible the undying love of the Korean people? They
think the leadership of DPRK and the revolution is a
joke? Forgive me for saying but makers of this film are
bastard people! I denounce them and curse them!
Bastard people! Can we not complain to someone about
such slander? Why has not the KCNA denounced this
piece of capitalist propaganda? To think that they make
light of the general and debase his greatness!
The Goddess' opinion was similar, for different reasons. Me, I laughed a lot.

Mick goes on to reminisce of similar encounters with deluded souls.
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