Drooling on the Pillow

Saturday, September 17, 2005

911 For The Journal 

Let's hear it for Mr. Snitch! for giving Kendrick Ross, the new publisher of the Jersey Journal a wake up call on the new media.

Mr. Ross is in an interesting position as anyone can see that his paper is hanging on by a thread and he is going to have to make major changes and no mistakes or it will be gone like a frog in a frost. That won't happen if Mr. Snitch! has anything to do with it.

Here's a sample of the unsolicited advice:
4) Stop being a newspaper with a website. Start
being a web presence that also distributes via print.

Your web site needs an overhaul, but that's only because
your attitude toward your website needs an overhaul. By
the time your read this, this post should have been up for a
while. Do this Google search. Does the Journal's site even
show up? If you're not showing up on the web, you're not
showing up for readers your age and younger. If you're not
showing up for readers your age and younger, you won't
have any readers in ten years. And if you don't have any
readers in ten years...
I'm very interested in hearing Mr. Ross' response. Mr. Snitch! has given him a respectful and intelligent earfull. Is he listening?
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