Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Speed McGreevey 

Just got back from my first trip down the shore this summer to the water park in Keansburg. I like the amusement park at Keansburg for the same reason I like The Great Escape up in the Adirondacks. Small, old fashioned, a little run down, but not enough to keep you off the rides. And Keansburg has the advantage that half of the kids working there for the summer aren't French Canadian.

The trip down and back was amazingly swift. I have never in my life taken a trip down the shore on a summer weekend and not once stopped for traffic either way. That has to go on McGreevey's tab so I'm calling a moritorium on abusing the ex-governor on this site. I'm sure my friend Roberto at DynamoBuzz can take a few moments off from flailing Corzine to fill your needs.

This moritorium ends, of course, the moment he runs for something.
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