Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fatwa From a Fathead 

Well, if anyone on the left was having a tough time making a Taliban = Christian Right argument, Pat Robertson makes things simple. When you put Jerry Falwell in the position of 'Voice of Reason' you've really earned your Crazy Aunt in the Attic status.
I understand where he's coming from," explained Jerry
Falwell, long a supporter of Robertson and his 700 Club,
"But there's probably some room for negotiation here as well.
When Jehovah of the Old Testament saw Israel threatened,
he didn't hesitate to assassinate thousands in his good name.
But we aren't quite gods, and we don't carry the same authority.
To be perfectly clear, the Christian Right is made up in the main of God fearing folk who live blameless lives and do love their enemies. The vast majority of them know much more about Islam and are much more interested in true ecumenism than your mainline churchgoer. There is, however, from time to time, a leadership problem and Mr. Robertson is the exemplar.

I'm not a Christian, but I'm happy to live in a Christian nation, where the call for the murder of anyone is met with the scorn and derision it deserves.

Thanks, Pat. Jackass.

UPDATE: And a long pair of ears for yours truly who failed to notice that the Falwell quotation above is a slick piece of satire from The Bentinal.
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