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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Die, Zombie! 

Regular readers know that Sluggo is a fan of zombie movies, but this morning Roberto at DynamoBuzz and Steve Kornacki at PoliticsNJ each talk about a scenario even I might find unpalatable: The Undead Governor.

With the one year anniversary of the resignation of Jim McGreevey coming up, it is apparently time to open up the floor for discussion of the Lov Gov's rehabilitation and return to public life.
“The only way I’ll ever lose,” former Louisiana Governor
Edwin Edwards, perhaps the most successful rogue
politician since fellow Pelican Stater Huey Long, once
thundered, “is if they catch me in bed with either a dead
girl or a live boy.”
Mr. Kornacki notes that while, technically, Governor McGreevey was not caught in bed with Golan Cipel, a very live boy, he was caught playing fast and loose with the security of all New Jersey citizens by giving the young man a key security post for which he was manifestly unqualified. There's always been speculation as to whether McGreevey could have survived the revelation of his relationship with Cipel absent the nepotism charges. Just how far have we come?

I think you'd have to forget the Cipel charges and the fact that he was an incompetent and unpopular governor before you can gage how irrelevant sexual orientation has become for public servants. Mr. Kornacki points out that Corzine was sniffing around for a possible primary challenge and many party bosses were bailing on him at the time. The Cipel scandal may actually have seemed like a gift from the Gods to the Democratic leaders. However, Mr. Kornacki doesn't seem entirely convinced McGreevey couldn't have survived the scandal and won re-election this year.

Mr. Kornacki knows a lot more about New Jersey Politics than I do and I am, after all, a partisan Republican. I just want to point out that on the same page as his article at NJ Politics, there is this squib :

On the season premiere of the SciFi Network's Tripping the Rift (10PM), the crew visits a gay planet where "heterophobia" runs rampant, and where the closeted straight politician in charge is named Gov. McJersey.

Once popular culture identifies you as a joke, you tend to stay a joke.
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