Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, July 11, 2005

Your Tax Dollars Working Overtime 

According to Mark Feffer at PropertyTaxNJ there's an article in the Trentonian by Jeff Edelstein just loaded with fun ugly facts about the state budget.
The $28 billion budget works out to $3,241 per person in
New Jersey. In the aforementioned South Dakota, their $1
billion budget works out to a little more than $1,300 per
person. So if you take these numbers at face value, it costs
nearly $2,000 more per person for the government to run
effectively in the Garden State.
The budget, in dollar bills weighs 57 million pounds, about the same as 13 fully loaded space shuttles.

The cherry on top is the $10 million it costs to return the $1.1 billion in tax rebates instead of letting us keep it in the first place.
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