Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, July 21, 2005

They Don't Lie And They Never Shut Up 

I took Mr. Snitch!'s advice and took a look at Photomuse.org, "a collection of over 200,000 absolutely free archival images from the George Eastman House (Rochester) and International Center of Photography (midtown Manhattan) collections". It's a wonderful resource and if you need an illustration of two youngsters enjoying tasty treats at the movies, they've got it.


Both shots by Weegee.

UPDATE: SloppyDawg tells a story in comments I thought people would like:

I love the Weegee story where he shows up at a murder
scene, and gets there before the detectives show up. He's
looking at the body and says something to one of the
uniforms on the scene that goes something like this:

"Hey officer, can you help me move this body? The
light's not hitting it right."

Weegee has a lot to answer for as he is, with his New Yawk aggressiveness and thirst for the bizarre, the progenitor of the paparazzi, but he was also an artist and his frames throb with the truth. It's a stunning combination of salaciousness and honesty; life as a Robert Ryan movie. There's always something cheezy and disturbing going on in his pictures, but you know the people, you know what they're doing and the moments before and after the snap are crystal clear. It's a story you may have been able to do without, but that you find compelling and irresistable, like a fight breaking out in the banquette next to you at the diner. Once you start looking, it's hard to stop.

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