Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Politics Today 

Steve Kornacki at NJPolitics:
Which brings us [to] a State House press conference this
afternoon with New Jersey’s two Democratic senators,
Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg, and a gaggle of
abortion rights activists.

If President Bush chooses a nominee with a track record
similar to his most controversial selections for the federal
judiciary, Corzine warned, “I think you will see our caucus

Playing hardball with Bush may not be in the best political
interests of every Democratic senator— Ben Nelson of
Nebraska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas spring immediately
to mind— but in blue state New Jersey, a nomination
battle couldn’t come at a better time for Corzine, who
may be facing a closer-than-anticipated gubernatorial
race with Republican Doug Forrester.
He talks about the disintegration of the nomination process since 1987. What strikes me as the most destructive angle to this is how Democrats have hijacked the process for fundraising purposes and now, apparently, for a bump in state-wide numbers.

One of the knocks on Corzine is that he's been all but invisible as a Senator. He could make himself very visible by taking on the President in a nomination fight.
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