Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Our Betters 

According to NJPolitic's Steve Kornacki, my congressman and possibly soon-to-be senator, Bob Mendendez was breathing a big sigh of relief the other morning as a widely-anticipated story about his relationship with a young woman named Kay LiCausi ran in the New York Times. The story wasn't as bad as some had feared. (Mr. Kornacki's story is not in the queue at NJPolitics and there was no permalink. If anyone can find it in a cache, let me know.)

The Times story mentioned the rumored romantic link between the two and detailed how she is becoming rich as a lobbyist dealing with the congressman's allies. However, according to David Rebovich, the director of Rider University's Institute for New Jersey Politics,
I don't think the dots have been connected in a way that
it's going to make people shake their heads in dismay."
Or, as Mr. Kornacki notes,
Scandalous in Nebraska, LiCausi's cashing in
is pedestrian by New Jersey standards.
Of course, Mendendez' day would have been better without his name and Golan Cipel's being mentioned in same paragraph, but scandal-fatigue may help him get past this one.
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