Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mr. Wilson's Lies 

When the thing that is pursued is something that you love, it's a witchhunt. When the object of pursuit is a thing that you hate, it looks very much like justice.

The astonishing passion of the Rove/Plame debates and the seemingly bottomless dishonesty of the Democratic hunt for Karl Rove's scalp has, in a way, obscured the stakes involved. Perhaps that's the point.

After all, I doubt that even Joe Wilson will lie for no reason whatever. But if the focus of our attention was now upon Mr. Wilson's lies instead of the ridiculous architecture of beltway interview parameters we might find out something useful. Such as, did Saddam, in fact, attempt to negotiate a deal with Niger for nuclear materials in the years before the war? Mr. Wilson's famous report appears to support this notion. British intelligence thought so then and it thinks so now. The 9/11 Commission is on record that the evidence indicates that he did.

Since we now know that there were no WMD and that Bush lied about them in order to slake his blood-thirst, why ever would Iraq be seeking fissionable material?

Isn't that the real question?
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