Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Moloch Likes Me, He Really Likes Me 

Well, that was kind of exciting.

John Shabe at The Jersey Side finds irony in the fact that a little attention from the fiendish New York Times yesterday made the hearts of a number of center/right blogs in New Jersey chirp like little girls thrown a wink by the football captain.

I guess that's fair.

But, seriously, while Shabe might not welcome the attention of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, I'm guessing he wouldn't turn up his nose to a link from the on-line news section.

Oh, and I got my first real moonbat comment! Check out the comments on the previous post. And put on your barking shoes.

I'll be working on the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers #9 for the next few days (that cotton candy doesn't spin itself) so I'll be in and out with my usual inane remarks.
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