Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I'm back. Burned, bedraggled and unprepared for work.

I was going to put up some pictures of some of the odd things we did, but the Blogger picture uploading system seems to have crapped out, so I'll try later.

Usually, when we go to the Adirondacks, we do Adirondacky things. Campfires, communing with nature, thinking deep thoughts, etc. I don't think we were ever there in season before and certainly not on a major holiday. This time we went to Great Escape (if you escape with a nickle left, that's great), water parks, downtown Lake George and things like that. We might as well have ridden the Times Square shuttle back and forth all weekend for all the nature we saw. We were shoulder to shoulder with morons the whole time.

First, let me say that this tattoo thing has gotten completely out of control. The personal statement made by tattoos today is "I've never been in the Navy or on a motorcycle, I live at home in the suburbs and this tat didn't freak out my parents nearly as much as I'd hoped."

But we did the things we chose to do and I can't blame anyone else. I tried to blame the Goddess, but she wasn't having it. We could have hightailed it into the woods, I guess, but Grace is having bug issues and I was having laziness issues and we did what we did.

We didn't even see any fireworks.

I did enjoy taking Grace to an arcade in Lake George. She grasped the point right off. It's all about the tickets. The accumulate/exchange/acquire paradigm. I watched her deal with the conflict inherent in playing fun, but relatively non-productive games. She accepts that she has a limited number of tokens to spend and agonizes over using one on a game she likes, but knows will return her only two or three tickets.

I was proud of the way she dealt with the ethical stress involved in abandoned tickets left in one game. She looked at the tickets and then looked at me, asking for guidance. I just stared at her. She looked at the tickets again, asked the kids on either side if the tickets were theirs. When they said no, she snatched them. That's my girl.

When it comes time to exchange the tickets for the worthless gee-gaws offered, the Goddess leaves the room. She can't deal with it. Grace can spend a half an hour deciding between a ball that makes grotesque and disgusting patterns when you squeeze it and a yo-yo with an expected life of half a dozen throws. She went with the ball.

It's good to be back.
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