Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, June 17, 2005

Tris McCall 

Just got back from Tris McCall's set at the Brennan Courthouse. Definitely too cool for school.

I don't know how to describe it to you. I'm not very knowledgeable about contemporary music but I feel pretty sure if I was I still would never of seen anything like it. Try a little Buddy Holly, a lot of Tom Paxton, some Arlo Guthrie, presented by Moby. You with me?

But that doesn't really do it because what he sang about, mostly, was Jersey City, Hudson County and New Jersey politics and policy. Schundler, Mendendez, McCann, the whole crowd. And what made it more surreal is that Tom DeGise introduced him.

I won't use the term Geek Rock, but lets say if Mr. McCall offered to reconfigure your hard drive, you'd be very comfortable saying yes.

But he has a charming manner and he can really sing and really play and I enjoyed it thoroughly. His songs are funny or angry and do what he intends for them. I'm a fan. I plan to be there when he plays with his band the next time.

As a side note, I expected Mr. Snitch! to be there and I planned to unmask him. However, I saw no one with a black slouch hat and a furtive manner.
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