Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Times Observes the Prols 

Before I leave for my fabulous weekend in the Hamptons (the Hammies, we call it, as in, 'I'm sitting on my East Hammy' or 'Luthor received the innoculation in his West Hammy) I had to throw one more link out there in celebration of the end of Hell Week.

The Boston Phoenix has run an article by Chris Lehman on the howlingly funny series in the New York Times; "Class Matters".
Getting the New York Times to explain the real
operation of social class in America is, at the end of
the day, a lot like granting your parents exclusive
license to explain sex to you: there are simply far
too many conflicts that run far too deep to result in
any reliable account of how the thing works.
Lehman's article is an attack from the left, arguing that the series ignores the economic pathologies that constitute the real fault lines in American class structure.

Maybe, maybe not. But he does nail the fundamental cluelessness and insularity the the Times' point of view.

Reading Class Matters is as painful as watching Paris Hilton show up to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving with her PR staff.

Gotta run. Gwyneth has the hybrid limo out front.

UPDATE: As usual, reality mocks the satirist.
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