Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

School Daze 

DynamoBuzz, NJConservative and Enlighten-New Jersey are all over the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation this morning. This is a story worth flogging, as it's emblematic of Trenton's approach to problems; take the money, spend the money, but for god's sake don't get anything for the money.

The front end of this story is one of those arrogant, annoying, blatantly unconstitutional findings by the State Supreme Court directing the spending of tax money to correct a perceived imbalance. Some school districts have more money than others. Agreed. That the Supreme Court can 'fix' this problem by appropriating the Assembly's taxing power and throwing $6 billion dollars at it is not just arrogant. It's stupid. Putting Paterson's schools in state hands for fourteen years and raising the per child spending to $13,000 sure fixed that problem, didn't it?

Now it turns out that it may take an additional $18 billion just to accomplish the original goals.

If Bill Clinton were running for governor this year, he'd see this as an ideal Sistah Soljah moment and pound the crap out of it for a week. Mumbles Corzine won't touch this with a ten foot check. Will Forrester?

UPDATE: Enlighten-New Jersey provides a link in comments to a Forrester ad addressing this issue. Go to the Television section and click on "Got To Stop".
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