Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, June 24, 2005

Pre-eminent Domain 

Lots of unhappy folk out there.


I cautiously agree with Perry de Havilland's silver-lining remark under the last of the above links:

The only upside to this whole situation is the likely
radicalising effect this ruling will have on people to
whom civil liberties matter and to whom private
property is the very corner stone of those liberties.
And the fact that many independents may be taking another look at the Judicial Wars between the administration and congressional Democrats and decide it's time to push the pendulem back. If Bush goes beyond words and makes property rights a focus in the years left to him he may also manage to hold on to Republican-voting libertarians. They've been flaking away and an administration spanking of the 'asinine flag-burning amendment' (in the words of Mary at Exit Zero) and a focus on judicial nominations away from abortion and toward property rights would be most helpful.
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